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BeachBoard – To succeed in academic career students prefer to use Beach Board. It helps to provide a useful custom-made learning experience for the students. Under this, the courses are created according to the university’s scheduled courses.
Inception – To help students “Desire 2Learn” was introduced in 2006, the University’s e-learning management system called BeachBoard. CSULB’s Learning Management
System (LMS BeachBoard), has been used by a large number of students and faculty as a tool for web conferencing, streaming video, discussion board, course syllabus, reading assignments, email, surveys, announcements, etc.


The new version of BeachBoard is known as Blackboard Learn which has now been accepted worldwide by various institutions.
The Head of University Mr. Karen Gould has appointed an LMS Committee to evaluate alternatives available to CSULB. The reason for this is to improve accessibility, reliability, and use. The committee was comprised of Dustin Thoman (Psychology), Terre Allen
(Professional Development), Wayne Pierson (Finance & Administration), etc.
Availability – BeachBoard is available to Students, Teachers, and others.

Browsing Tool – To access BeachBoard one can use any browser but to use the latest version
of Google Chrome (PC and Mac), Mozilla Firefox (PC and Mac), and Safari (Mac) are suggested getting the full benefit of this system.
To login to BeachBoard – CSULB students, faculty please visit CSULB’s Single Sign-On Service.
Activate your Account
Username (Users ID) & Password to be entered.
For any help contact Help Desk. Students can access the course material and also set up his/her profile, view and edit. 
For training and support, CSULB provides customized group training sessions as per the requirement.


  1. Upload PDF, Photos, Presentations, etc
  2. Users can share their work
  3. It allows users to learn from their experience, work which results in self-growth.

Flexible – Beachboard is easy to use and also very flexible as Instructors can teach the way they want to teach they can customize contents. There is support for rich multimedia.
The new version of BeachBoard 2018, one can easily get work on the mobile also for uploading an assignment or watch a video lecture. It has seamless integration with third-
party. Support for merging, personalized audio and video feedback. It has simple tools for course building and management. It is available anytime and anywhere even on mobile devices. It was designed to facilitate execution with user-friendly standards.

In Beachboard there are Help Topics, Training & Support, Accessibility, etc.

How it works –

To access the course on internet first Login –
User Name (Student ID) > Password (BeachID password) or
User Name > Campus ID No. > Password (BeachBoard / CSULBS Password

How to Login

After logging in to BeachBoard – the student will find the course listed in “My Courses widget”.
One has to click on the title to enter the course.
Areas covered under this are Discussions, group discussions, lectures, presentations etc.

Students can view lectures contents anytime, anywhere, alone or in the group.
Through Dropbox, they can submit their lectures also.
To learn better and for deep understanding, students can use quiz also.
Students can even check their grades also which will help them to improve.
Instructors can even design courses, create content, and rank assignments So, that it gives them time to focus on matters they require for teaching as well as learning.

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Procedure in Beachboard-

There are many procedures which can be used by the teachers for smooth functioning like Calendar, Attendance, Dropbox Content, discussion, e-mails, News, Navbars, Online rooms, Rubrics, etc.
Under the group, the user’s total work like projects or assignments can be made for discussion.

Beachboard help topics

Under FAQ there are many general questions and answers are given for students which will help them during the admission.
One can make a Checklist of important or essential assignments, learning or what students would like to do. Through the checklist, the student can make a list of requirement which they want to complete quickly.
There are multiple tools to design the course which are well organized.
To upload and organize course materials the Content tool is used such as lecture notes, syllabus, readings, etc.
Through course content, they can easily be linked to other websites also for smooth functioning.
Even the navigation bar can also be customized to incorporate different tools.

Management by Beachboard-

To manage or check individual grades of their assignments and tests students can use grade tools for this.
For any updates, announcements, etc there is a feature called News once they open the Beachboard or their course.
Through the checklist, one can see who all have enrolled in a particular course and who all are online. Students can use online meeting rooms to generate an interactive learning experience. Students can use discussion tools to read, post and reply on different topics, read and exchange their thoughts on the course material, they can exchange their work and notes.
They can discuss different topics.
Content uploaded to Youtube can easily be implanted within BeachBoard content.

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