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Bolly4u Well, downloading movies online is not a big deal in present times. Even a school going student can easily operate the technology for this purpose quite easily. All the cases where Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu and other several kinds of movies are downloaded come under the illegal work of piracy but this doesn’t concern over the entertainment.

We are all very busy with our regular schedule and want everything fast and ready. According to a survey movies are the best and easiest time pass for every other individual, and who wouldn’t want this if it is available this much easy and cheap. Who doesn’t like to watch movies, I love it. It is just that we all want everything according to our comfort zone and we indulge ourselves in stealing these videos as its fun.

I know it is quite weird that I’m talking about this piracy stuff so far, so let me tell you that we are here to know about this amazing website which is or But along with covering every single detail, I want to aware you guys that I’m not supporting this unauthorized practice in any sense.


Let’s talk about in detail.

What is bolly4u? is an online portal from where you can download your choice of movies for free. It provides you all the Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu movies. The process of downloading movies from bolly4u is totally safe and effortless as this portal is very user-friendly and allows everyone the uncomplicated ways of getting movies downloaded for free.

It is known to everyone that movies are a very common and important part of our day to day life as it is the most basic and interesting source of entertainment. We look forward to every movie we heard about from our close ones as these people know best about our taste of entertainment. is a platform from where you can get your favorite movies

downloaded within no time in HD quality.

Bolly4u movie is the best source of downloading movies as it takes care of your comfort and provides you with several options that suit your choice. This portal is ranking day by day because of its functioning. I heard about this approximately two months back and now it is known by every other person. Bolly4 is a unique platform for easily getting free movies downloaded at high-resolution movies in minutes sitting at your couch. 

Download latest Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil and Telugu movies online bolly4uhd

Bolly4 is the best-pirated website among all other websites available for movie downloads. This portal provides you the option of watching movies online as well. This is the best option for people who are using on mobile phones as they usually suffer from storage issues.

Youngsters today are most involved with their mobiles as it is the most important thing to save important data or files. Mobile phones make the task easier and the person busier. So, waiting for movies online through bolly4u is supposed the best and easiest way for them.

Here are some of the important links below which are highly demanded in recent times, so you can check them and reach directly to the page you like.

Is this an illegal portal?

This is illegal to download movies online this process of downloading movies through a pirated website is called movie piracy. This practice is done without the permission of moviemakers which cause huge loss to the whole team. Bolly4u.rg is also a pirated website that encourages movie piracy and movies are downloaded illegally and uploaded here for users.

Bolly4u is an illegal platform that satisfies its users by its illegal work and promotes movie piracy. This is totally unfair that people used to download or leak movie clips without any permission granted by the concerned authorities. This makes the whole star cast and producer to bear a huge loss.

When a film is made it is the result of the hard work and teamwork of hundreds of teammates. It is legally released on a specific date which is supposed to earn profit but due to these illegal practices all the team has to go through the loss of crores and this also contributes to lowering the stardom of actors.

These kinds of websites and online portals like are the reason behind the increment of these malware practices which leads to degrade the market of production houses of a particular movie and also leaves a bad image about the countries technical and safety measures related to these issues.

There is a website called which strictly advises that these practices need to be stopped and everyone should avoid using these types of platforms and avoid downloading any content from there.

Latest trending

Although there is a list of movies that are downloaded illegally and this makes the casting team producers and distributors of that particular movie bear huge criticism. The safety measures must be very strong to protect the movies from getting leaked but this is the technology it’s not that much secures to believe upon.

It is recently used to download numerous movies and took away its popularity and fame which is unfair. I would like to mention some of the movies which have been the victim of movie piracy in 2019.

According to the sources these are the list of some of the most entertaining movies which are leaked online and levels down the market of those movies;

  • Houseful 4 (Bollywood)
  • Tenali Ramakrishna BA.BL (Tamil)
  • Bigil (Telugu)
  • Kappan (Tollywood)

These are a few movies that have been the victim of piracy recently. It is a good thing that due to the talented actors and actresses the movies gain good profit but these are the same movie which can be in the top list on the box office if these practices were stopped.

These practices must be stopped or banned as these movies don’t only pay to the stars but also serve to the economic growth of the nation. The movies launched in India are not just released in a single state or country but also released to other countries as well which helps the economy to grow. The profit is added to the country’s GDP.

Here is a list of latest links of bolly4u movies

Bolly4u New Link 2019



Government banning the pirated website

If this is illegal then why doesn’t the government ban websites like bolly4u, bolly4, bolly4u movies. It is easy to claim this and speaking against the government. Every single work is followed by some rules and regulations and when you start abusing the rules you action becomes illegal. The government is very sensitive about this issue and had already banned several websites that encourage piracy work. But these websites, again and again, started behind a new


Websites like are so much in demand as it provides user-friendly software to download movies. Through these websites, people earn a lot this is why they don’t quit this work which is very harmful to the website holders as well as users.

The government has banned almost 25 websites like this but this doesn’t work at all. There are thousands of illegal portals available online for this work which makes it tough for the government to ban these sites.

Why do people encourage these sites like

People are always attracted to the best things; in the case, it is easy to download your favorite movies with HD resolution simply using your phone. It doesn’t allow any kind of advertisement on its website to destroy the users’ attention. This website always works best for its users as it provides customer support services to solve every issue.

Want to watch movies on Yesmovies

It has an FAQ page that carries most of the frequently asked questions with their solutions to help in easy operation. People are so much attracted to the picture quality this website provides. This website uses us based platform to run their site which enables the good speed of every function or operation.

Other than the unauthorized working and practices this website constitutes these best functions which help this site to stand on a good rank and attract users.  

I would strictly recommend to not involving in such practices because it is a very big crime. There are many rules implemented to stop piracy work and many other schemes are launched to fight against these criminals. So it will be appropriate to avoid such a thing as it makes the movie makes to deal with many issues.

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It is unfair to spoil the hard work of a big team for making money. A movie is not just a video that entertains the society, but it is a whole sum of hard work, dedication, investment and much more. So think twice before putting yourself into something unfair and illegal and destroying the efforts of so many people for your own sake. This article is written to provide you the best knowledge about piracy and its bad impact on the makers of a film.

According to Indian law, it is a punishable act and this website opposes these kinds of practices.

I hope you liked this piece of information.

Happy watching!

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