Danny Masterson – Accusations, career, everything you want to know

Danny Masterson is known for his acting, producing, he was a disc jockey also and now a businessman.

He lives in America. He gained a lot of popularity from “that 70’s show” where he played the character of “steven hyde” and he also worked in the famous “the ranch” where he played the character of Jameson rooster Bennett.

Danny Masterson


Full Name- Daniel peter Masterson

Born- 13th March 1976

Place of birth- NewYork, US

Other names- Danny Masterson, DJ mom jeans, and DJ donkey punch

Early Life

He was born in a middle-class family, his parents are carol Masterson and Peter Masterson.

His mother worked as a manager in a company whereas his father’s profession was an insurance agent.

His parents separated after the birth of his brother Christopher Masterson who is now an actor and a disc jockey.

His half-siblings from mother’s sides are also actors alanna Masterson and Jordan Masterson.

He also has a paternal half brother whose name is will Masterson.

He began his career at a very young age of 4 years where he modeled as a child in many magazine articles.

After that, he started doing tv commercials when he was just 5 years old.

From the beginning as a child, he was always interested in acting so he stared performing in musicals.

By the time he reached the age of 16,  he approximately performed in more than 100’s of commercials where almost every commercial was for a popular brand eg- Kellogg’s, Clearasil, hostess, and tang, etc.

Danny Masterson Career

In the year 1988 when he was approx 12 years old, he got his first big chance to play a character of “butch” a young boy in “Jake and the Fatman”.

In the year 1994-1995, he played various roles in ABC’S sitcom “Roseanne”, ABC’S police drama show “NYPD Blue” and ABC’S adventure drama known as “extreme”.

Then his career took a boom and he did a number of amazing movies and tv shows.

He was once rejected to audition by the casting director of the show because he was older than the rest of the cast of the show but after he managed to give the audition and was selected and he did all 8 seasons of that show called “the 70’s show” through which he gained popularity.

After then he performed in many movies and tv shows and also appeared as a guest appearance

He also performed with Bijou Phillips in the year 2009, the bridge to nowhere who is now his real-life wife.

When in the year 2000 he played the role of nightshade in horror movie based on vampires called “Dracula 2000” he gained popularity because of that in the year 2002 he was a part of the famous “comic book villains”

He also played parts in low budget movies and shows also.

Now coming to the year 1997, he was an active disc jockey in the night clubs of LA, California because disc jockey was his hobby.

Disc jockey became a side job for him where he used to perform in the name of DJ mom jeans.

He was also a poker player and hosted celebrity poker events and also won the events.

Danny also owns a bar cum lounge known as downstairs which is located in park city.

Danny Masterson movies and tv shows

Year Movies
1993 Beethovan’s
1995 Bye Bye Love
1997 Trojan War
  Face / Off
  Star Kid
1998 The Faculty
  Too Pure
  Wild Horses
1999 Dirt Merchant
2000 Dracula 2000
2001 Alex in Wonder
  Hip, Edgy, Sexy, Cool
2002 Hold On
  Comic Book Villians
2005 Pancho’s Pizza
2006 Puff, Puff, Pass
2007 Smiley Face
  You are here
2008 Brooklyn Heist
  Yes Man
2009 Wake
  Made for each other
  The Bridge to Nowhere
2012 Alter Egos
  The Polterguys
  The Chicago 8
  California Solo
2015 In Passing
2016 Hot Bot
2018 Killing Winston Jones
Danny Masterson
Bye Bye Love


1988 Jake and the Fatman
1993 Joe’s Life
1994 Roseanne
1994-97 NYPD Blue
1995 American Gothic
  Seduced by Madness
1996 Party of Five
  Tracey Takes On…
  Her Last Chance
1996-98 Cybill
1997 Sliders
1998-2006 That ‘70s Show
2001 How to Make a Monster
  Grounded for Life
  Strange Frequency
2002-2004 Madtv
2003 Robot Chicken
  King of the Hill
  Stephen King’s Dead Zone
2005 Entourage
2006 Kim Possible
2011 Raising Hope
  White Collar
2012-14 Men at Work
2012 Supah Ninjas
2013 Haven
2014 Royal Pains
2016-18 The Ranch
2016 WWE Raw
2017 Easy
Danny Masterson
That 70’s show
Danny Masterson
Jake and the fat man
Danny Masterson
The Ranch

Personal Life

Danny Masterson Wife

In the year 2005, he started dating a girl named “Bijou Phillips”

In 2009 he got engaged with her

In the month of October 2011, the tied a knot

And in 2014 they gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Fianna Francis Masterson.

Danny Masterson
Wife Bijou Phillips
Danny Masterson
Wife and Daughter


A lot of women accused Daniel Masterson of sexually assaulting them and the church of Scientology.

4 women confronted with him raping them and then trying to cover the story, he denied that none of it was true and was not been arrested.

From the 4 women, two women were actually daniel’s ex-girlfriends (Marie Bobette riales and Chrissie Carnell Bixler) whereas the other two girls were anonymous.

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They all gave the same statement that he raped them when they were drunk and in an unconscious state and invaded their privacy physically. Chrissie added to the statement that whenever she refused to get intimated with her Daniel got violent and told her that it was her duty being a girlfriend.

When they reported about the non-tolerable behavior to the church they told them not to go to the police station.

Because of this, he was forced to leave his Netflix series “the ranch” in the year 2017 and later also dropped by the united talent agency.

in an interview, he mentioned that he will beat her in the court and after that sue her because by this incident she has caused a lot of damage to his career and his family.

this incident has caused a lot of damage to his career and one of the big agencies (the united talent agency) has cut ties because of the rape allegations to daniel.

Daniel is a member of the church of Scientology for a very long time and through the sources, they are covering up the whole incident.

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