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Dealmoon was established in the year 2009, 10 years ago. They situated their headquarters in Richardson, TX (Texas) second-largest state in the united states of America.


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Dealmoon Co-founders/Team

Lu Shen is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the company Dealmoon

Jennifer Wang is the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of Dealmoon

Then Gump Zhao is CMO(Chief Marketing Officer) of Canada

Xin Liu is on the position of CTO (Chief Technical Officer)

David Wang CDO (Chief Data Officer)

Jonathan Yao is COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Dealmoon countries

It has its customers from all over the world, countries like

Dealmoon Canada
Dealmoon US
Dealmoon France
Dealmoon Australia
Dealmoon China

It was shocking that China shopped more than 1 Billion times from it in the year 2006 which is astonishing.

Their aim is to provide a customer experience that they always remember and provide them with great products and offers that they cannot find anywhere else.

Initial stage

At the start, there was slow growth and people were not interested in buying from Dealmoon, but around 4-5 years ago it started to grow the company expanded its areas and there it started a new level of the company.

About Dealmoon

Dealmoon is a high-end luxurious e-commerce website where they provide a large variety of products to there millions of loyal customers.

At this moment it has more than 70-80 employees and more than 50 to 60 employees in the country china. China mostly aims at the technology side of the company. Dealmoon has gained huge popularity among its customers that approx. 12-13 million people monthly visits to their website. It has also gained popularity on social media platforms, from the sources it is said that over 6 million mentions are their about them on social media.

And more than a million people have downloaded their application.



Dealmoon was awarded the most influential fashion account at the V influential summit in the year 2018.

It has been acknowledged with many awards such as a splashy award for the No.1 shopping Advisory site for mostly Chinese and American customers of luxury brands, It was presented in Beijing, China.

Dealmoon being an American company is especially known for involving together the customers to all the luxury brands of the world. It was founded by 6 Chinese American immigrants mentioned earlier.

The consumers or so-called their community-supported and enjoyed the success of Dealmoon and posted videos and pictures of using luxury brands by Dealmoon.

Jennifer Wang

One of the reporters who interviewed Jennifer wang, the founder of website Dealmoon, who is in a relationship with the world’s largest brands, and a community of millions of shoppers who regularly visit her website and shops from it.

Products such as Dyson hairdryer, shoes, clothes, etc.

The company has sold around a billion dollars of products.

Jennifer wang is considered as an expert in marketing, international sales, content, and many more.

Dealmoon provided information to customers who are Chinese immigrants from the united states. They helped them with whatever they needed to settle in a new country.

As we all know that Chinese people are the type of people who choose luxury brands as their preference and are so-called “brand conscious”.

So, they are more interested in high-end luxurious brands.

Jennifer wang started coding and search engine optimization for their company with her husband in the year 2008, after giving birth to her daughter.

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Dealmoon summary

Again to brush up about the company Dealmoon, It is a company that brings luxury brand and their customers together on a platform and provides them with exclusive deals and brand new launches especially for their customer base, website visitors, loyal customers, social media followers, people who download and use their mobile app, basically who they call as their virtual family.


they focus mainly on the customer base that is millennial shoppers.

Dealmoon is called the #1 advisory website for Chinese-American shoppers.

In an interview, It was said that if in the beginning, we choose the right people then they can turn anything into magic. Dealmoon has 6 co-founders and they cover each other’s weaknesses and that is the most inspiring thing. another thing she mentioned was that planning before you start is very important, to know every bit of it, but one should always be prepared for changes in the plan.

and the best part of the interview was that they mentioned that health is the most important factor in anything, if you are healthy you have everything. if you are not healthy then the wealth is also of no point.

the funniest thing she mentioned was that earlier they thought of naming their company as “dealsfargo” but that does not mean that it will make you “go far”. lol

earlier they did one more mistake that was making two websites one for women that were related to beauty, a fashion which was named as and other was made for men that focused on technology-related products and was named as but the men one failed quickly so, they kept on the Dealmoon.

they are constantly improving their company by regularly working on new projects and bringing more influencers to attracts people. they recently have expanded to several countries also. and they are planning to open and expand their customer base in the near future.

It is called “the most influential companies in the world” at the star-studded Weibo starlight awards which happen annually in hong kong.

when Dealmoon was getting an award while accepting Jennifer wang who happens to be chief marketing officer (CMO) and also the co-founder of Dealmoon, said that they help the brand and the customers that choose high-end brands to be on a common platform in the most natural manner.

she also mentioned that they’re no. 1 priority is America.

she told the most interesting incident with Dealmoon, was that once their website was hacked by a hacker and was asking for bitcoins, and what she did was try to communicate with the hacker, and had a conversation which she mentioned that she cannot tell, while engineers were trying to build a much stronger protection for their website,she mentioned herself as intelligent regarding the whole incident and will always be remembered.

Go with the flow

she also mentioned her life mantra which is “go with the flow and work hard on what you want to achieve and adds up by saying if you get it, be humble and if you don’t, don’t be upset”

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which according to be is the perfect life mantra one could give.

she shared her personal experience by saying that everything in life, be it money, fame, health, and even life itself can be all gone in a fraction of second, and that’s what life is it is about getting a thing and then letting the thing go. none of it will remain intact.

Dealmoon Coupons

You can simply go to the “COUPONS” section and see all the coupons available and choose the one appropriate for you.

The same goes for the “DEALS” section, see all the deals available and choose the most appropriate for you.

Emergence of dealmoon

with the emergence of Dealmoon they started their own social networking channel with the Weibo and in china everybody is on Weibo (just like any other social media channel/or Chinese twitter) so the started sending their exclusive deal of Dealmoon to the Weibo and with the deals they also started sending tips and tricks to students who were immigrants.

slowly people started sharing their experience with Dealmoon and then Dealmoon retweeted or reposted it. Gradually it became famous.

Dealmoon is building its own channel that could integrate elements of Alibaba (Chinese e-commerce) to amazon (American e-commerce) so that it could help citizens of both China and America.

Key to dealmoon’s success

Jennifer wang mentioned that being authentic is the key to the success of Dealmoon as a company.

Jennifer wang from imagining to become a bookstore owner when she was small so that she could read it for free to become a software engineer and now interested in marketing so she became the chief marketing officer of Dealmoon. what a journey of different paths.

she always had an idea about the Chinese-American market so they created a platform where the best products at best prices are mentioned.

so they created a Chinese-American focused website/company.

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In the beginning, they mentioned their company on Chinese-American forums so through that they gained a lot of customers in the initial era.

they made their website in their home language so it gained more popularity among Chinese-American customers.

Jennifer wang gave advice to females that they should let go of their emotions as soon as possible.

she mentioned that every person in her life, be it her mom, her husband, and especially their employees who work so hard for the success of the Dealmoon.

she also opened a foundation where they help Chinese children who are having an illness and want that more and more people join this.

Dealmoon App

you can scan the QR code and simply install the Dealmoon app

It has many options that you can choose from

Dealmoon Beauty

Clothing, Jewelry, and bags

At home

Luxury Department Store

General Department Store

Sports and outdoors






Health and personal care


Dealmoon is an amazing Website that allows you to have luxury branded options and that too at exclusive deals.


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