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EINTHUSAN – In the recent era of digitalization where you are all covered up with technology 24*7, everything has become easier and everything is on your tips!

Whether you are lying on the bed, cooking, working, eating a meal and almost every time of your day you are close to digital media.  It has improved efficiency and productivity because of which communication and teamwork becomes easier.  Working conditions have also improved.

In the present era, movies and web series is the main source of entertainment around the globe.

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If you want to watch shows or movies there are many video sites available on the web.  You can download the apps like Hotstar (one of the top video streaming websites, for entertainment experience), Amazon Prime (having a large collection of videos and movies if you are a subscriber to the prime membership on Amazon) or Netflix etc where you can watch old to new almost every movie, series, show on it.

Reliable sites that are free, save money for the viewers and that is the reason many people would like to watch movies online for free.  One can watch unlimited movies with high-quality videos and images.  Free movies can be watched 24×7 anytime and anywhere. 

From foreign shows to your country’s special shows can also be watched while sitting on your couch basically anywhere where you feel comfortable.

Some are paid some are free

Like Amazon Prime, Netflix you have to pay subscription fees to watch your favorite shows.

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It is a type of website that has both free and paid version and it streams movies of south Asian region example Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, and Chinese language or regional movies.

Einthusan is a South Asian Film Streaming website that provides many domains like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali, Kannada and many more. It authorizes the streaming of full movies in all the languages.

Some say Einthusan is 100% pirated site and the content is being stolen and put up on the website and said that even new hit releases are shown on the website in less than a month and some movies that released not even a month ago and is not available on Netflix or even amazon prime is available for free on Einthusan, but it is written on their official website that it is 100% legally licensed and in 9 different languages of India.


According to some people seeing a movie on Einthusan is a very torturous ride as the experience of watching it is not at all fun. These are some examples of what people have experienced by watching any movie on Einthusan. People also say that websites like Einthusan and Tamilrockerz are totally pirated and a waste of time, these websites are a big loss to the movie makers as by this they are unable to make high profits, people watch movies on these sites only. One should only watch movies that belong to legal sites or apps only like Amazon Prime or even Netflix as on that every movie or series is genuine and legal.
But people in favor of Einthusan says that it is purely legal and have two versions of Einthusan one is free and another is the paid version.

How to watch movies on Einthusan

  • Visit their official website
  • from the given categories choose one that you want to watch (movies of which regional language) Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, and Chinese a large variety to choose from.
  • After choosing the language or types of movies you want to watch
  • Then a page will appear which will state the following options
  • Login/register, movies, music videos, movie clips, feedback, contact, and go premium option
  • After you have logged in or selected the option you want
  • Now you can watch your favorite movie


Go premium option is when you want a premium membership

By taking premium membership some more options will be enabled that is ad-free streaming, 1080p HD quality and many more

You just have to pay $25 and you are a member of Einthusan for your lifetime.

No hustles


But if you don’t want premium watch ads that are mostly popup and generally for 30 seconds at maximum.

Generally, people buy premium because they do not want stressful experience while watching a movie because ads appear while watching movies is irritating.

You have another option also

You can also add extension – ad blocker which enables the option to block the ads appearing in the video.

Without premium membership, if you want to attach it to your smart TV or chrome cast there is a disadvantage

That you have to first download the movie shift it to your pen drive and then attach your pen drive to your TV or Playstation etc to enjoy.


If any movie is not available you can go to the contact page and write an email that you want them to add a particular movie or another way is to join the facebook group and post of message them you want a certain movie to be added.


As we all know Indian cinema is the worlds largest film industry

Einthusan provides a large range of movie options to choose from


  • Choose Hindi category
  • Login or Register
  • Search for the movie
  • Play and enjoy your movie
  • Let the Ads load fully

In the screenshot, you can see a movie called Badhai Ho for example which is a hit movie and it tells you the basic information about the movie.




  • From the list of movie, categories choose Malayalam category
  • Login to your account
  • Search for the movie you want to play
  • Let the ads play and load
  • Then enjoy your movie

If you don’t want ads to appear to buy a premium version of it worth $25.

The best choices of Malayalam movies are available on Einthusan.

From old movies to new movies, name and you will get it.

As shown in the screenshot pathinettampadi is available in HD which is a very famous movie.

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  • Select Telugu category
  • Login or if you don’t have an id register first
  • Then select the movie you want to watch
  • Enjoy!

Some exclusive material is there in the Telugu category

Brochevarevarura is also available on Einthusan to choose your movie and enjoy it!




  • Punjabi industry is also very famous industry
  • If you want to watch Punjabi movie
  • Just choose the Punjabi category
  • Login with your id
  • Choose from a wide range of movie
  • And enjoy

Look Shadaa which is a super hit movie is also available on Einthusan




  • Tamil industry is known as Kollywood
  • And a wide exclusive range of Tamil movies are available on Einthusan
  • Steps are the same as above
  • Just select Tamil category
  • Login to your account
  • Search for the movie you want to watch like a movie called Kaala of famous Rajnikant Ji, that is also available on Einnthusan
  • Choose from the amazing category and watch

Whenever you want ad-free streaming you can shift to premium.




  • If you want to watch Kannada movies like Dhwaja etc
  • You know how to reach there
  • Select Kannada from the above categories
  • Log in or register is you haven’t
  • Select a movie you want to watch
  • And play!

But some movies are on premium version and it is of $25

You can shift to premium version whenever you want to




  • If you are interested in watching Bengali movies
  • You know what you have to do
  • Select the Bengali category
  • Log in if you haven’t
  • Select your favorite movie
  • Let ads load
  • Play

The same step goes for

Marathi and Chinese language movies also


You can choose from the given option where you want to play movies

As shown in the picture

Chromecast or smart tv

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KODI Einthusan

Kodi is an application which is available on many different systems, that allows viewers to consume running media.

  • Never use illegal Kodi addons which are dangerous. Always use it with VPN to access the latest movies and music for free because has Copywrite issues.
  • But in case you are accessing on Kodi then your working will be monitored by your ISP
  • This can land you in problem
  • To save yourself from this, do connect to a VPN
  • Some official addons have geographical location restrictions, you should definitely use a VPN to unblock these restrictions.
  • SO, mind using VPN for sure.

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How to install Kodi Addons

  • It is very easy to install the Kodi addons
  • Kodi does not support third-party installations
  • To install add-ons of the third party you have to enable the option of unknown sources
  • To enable unknown source is a very easy procedure and takes no time


  • Check the spelling of the movie in case it is wrong to retype it
  • Explore different categories to find your movie that you want to watch
  • Check that proper category is being selected or not (a category that movie belongs to)
  • Incase by doing all the points you still can’t see drop a mail to einthusan by going in the contact section and write that you want a certain movie to be added.

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these steps are for you

  1. Refresh page
  2. Copy the link of the website
  3. Open an incognito tab
  4. Write proxy site
  5. Open the first link
  6. Paste the link of the website that you want to open that was not opening
  7. Click on enter
  8. Now, it will open the website

(this method is using a proxy server)

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