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Jupiter Ed

Jupiter Ed is an educational website that gives assistance to all the schools out there.

They are the first in business that developed an LMS and SIS program from scratch whereas all the competitors out there were only modifying the old fashioned software.

they are the innovators in their field.

They started in the year 2004, and now have around 3.9 million students in 50 states and hope to increase in the near future.

Jupiter Ed

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It is situated in garland, texas, united states.

A toll-free number is available by sending an e-mail to Jupiter Ed

(usually within 1-hour email is replied/reverted)

It is a website where teachers, students as well as parents can visit through a username and a password.


Jupiter Ed



Through this teachers can give tests to students and post assignments. If a teacher wants to post pdf file they can attach it. They can give homework to students and set a due date also.

  • benefits-
  1. There is no pressure of printing question papers and obviously printing cost will be no more.
  2. If the teacher wants to give another test or shuffle the questions, there is an option to re-arrange the question in the test.
  3. There is no burden of checking copies or even checking question papers and giving grades everything Jupiter ed will handle. It will give grade points to each and every student on the basis of marks obtained in the test, assignments submitted, no. of taken leaves (absenteeism).
  4. There is also an option of taking an online quiz to check the understandability and spontaneousness of the student.
  5. The teachers can put up a schedule on the website in the section of the HW planner, where homework, assignments are updated generally every Monday.
  6. It decreases the pressure on the teachers as well as increase the effectiveness of them.
  7. The system will do all the calculations and derive a result, as it is a result-driven program, so the teacher cannot be biased to any particular student. The student’s hard work will take them to higher positions.
  8. There is no need for importing data on the website or even importing any file from the desktop, everything is inbuilt and automatic as soon as the student appears for the exam and completes it the program starts deriving the results and automatically give grades to the students.
  9. No spending sleepless nights in checking copies of the answer sheet or even assignments and give each student a result.
  10. There is an option of seating arrangements that can be added, attendance chart, the comment section, adding lesson plan so that the student and parent both see what is the plan for the week, email option for sending emails to the students as well as their parents, Grading pattern, and a feature where the teacher can see what the student and his/her parents is previewing on the website.
  11. The substitute teacher’s plan is also available for the teachers in case they are unable to take a class.
  12. Teachers can prepare lessons by adding images and videos to make the subject more interesting.
Jupiter Ed


There are a login id and password through which a parent can log in to their child account and see all the information regarding assignments, homework, test results, absenteeism, etc

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  1. If a parent gets to see everything their child is doing in the school, then they will be satisfied that nothing is hidden from them.
  2. They can see that all the assignments are submitted on time or not, homework is completed or not, Test results and then they can take further action by completing them by themselves.
  3. If their child is weak in a particular subject then they can work on it, only by logging in and watching the status of their child.
  4. The status of the child can be saved also, and a parent can ask for a separate login id password by just sending them an e-mail.
  5. All the results when updated an email is sent to everyone.
  6. If your kid is studying in elementary school or high school Jupiter ed is your solution.
  7. It gives an idea of their child’s academic achievements in the school.
  8. You can even add your preferred notifications on Jupiter Ed.
Jupiter Ed


  1. All the performance is on the website, so the kid cannot act smart as he/she knows that everything is updated on the website and their parents can watch it anytime so they cannot hide anything, be it their homework or assignments and even test result that usually kids hide from their parents.
  2. Jupiter ed has top-level security and is absolutely reliable and can have a large number of students.
  3. It is based on cloud hosting so whether it is parents, students, teachers anyone can log in from anywhere without a problem.
  4. there can be fewer chances of cheating in the exam


the founder of Jupiter Ed “DAVID HUNDSNESS” who was also a former middle and high school teacher who taught in silicon valley was a keen admirer and adopter of electronic grade book for students because for him grade book doesn’t make sense as it is very tiring especially for the teacher and is also old fashioned.

So, in the year 2004, he founded Jupiter Ed which is an electronic grade book that can handle the huge task and make it easier for teachers, students as well as parents, just school should adopt Jupiter Ed as a part of their school curriculum.

The first time he launched an electronic grade book, he got immense love and praise from the teachers as it made their work less tiring and easier and also saved their time and effort.

You can also check their Pinterest

This new technology should be adopted by as many schools as possible so that the education department becomes more technology-friendly.

He launched #1-grade book that was based on web technology and then afterward named as Jupiter Ed

The best part of Jupiter Ed is that it is a self-funded company with 0% investment, and all the features of Jupiter Ed are manufactured itself and nothing is adopted or taken from 3rd party.


  • Making a solution that is best for schools, teachers, students, parents everybody.
  • Help/aid teachers to monitor each and every student’s record spend more time on improving the student than making grade sheets of checking tests, assignments, homework, etc.
  • Help students to adapt the studies faster and in an interactive way, completing every given task and achieving higher marks and also increasing their interest in studies.
  • To aid the administrative staff to make more proper decisions.
  • And last but not least help parents monitor their children’s status and improve their future and also get involved in every part of their child’s education.
  • They also have free training videos available for every topic and it is nearly about 5-10 minutes of duration.

check their pricing policies and availability and start the journey with Jupiter ed and if you are from an administrative department then try adopting it for your school’s betterment and if you are teacher adopt this to reduce your pressure of work, if you are student try to adopt this to increase your performance at the school in academic field and lastly is you are a parent adopt this to make your child’s bright future.


  • If you(student/parents) have got a notification from Jupiter ed on a particular mail then keep in mind to revert from that particular mail only.
  • You can only reply to the email you got from Jupiter ed
  • Please remember whom you are replying to if you by mistake send it to the group discussion forum then everybody will see your message.
  • Most important if your 2 kids are studying in the same school under Jupiter ed then you will only get one mail regarding the information notice and not two times.

all the best for the academic year.

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