Katie McGrath – Everything you want to know about Katie McGrath


Katie McGrath is a famous Irish actor. She is very popular in her industry.

she was born in the year 1983, in the place known as Ashford, Ireland.

We all know her by the name Katie McGrath but her real birth name is “Katherine Elizabeth McGrath”.

According to the sources she is approx 167 cm which is about 5.5 inches in height.

Colin Morgan is reportedly her boyfriend whom she met in the year 2010 on the set of merlin.

Earlier in her life, she worked very hard and did many jobs before becoming an actress.

In some year she worked as a makeup artist in MAC cosmetics as she had a keen understanding of makeup

Then she also worked in a piercing studio which is shocking to know.

After that she worked in a cocktail bar then everybody knows she worked at the Tudors and she also worked in the image magazine.

She worked at many jobs before becoming an actor which is very commendable.

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Famous quotes she wrote are-

A quote that she stated was-

  • ‘I am really terrible when it comes to guys. inside I just see myself as an overweight tomboy who has funny colored hair and a bad skin’

-Katie McGrath

Another one

  • ‘I love being as bad as possible! you have to love a bad girl.

-Katie McGrath

  • I am not a high maintenance girl

-Katie McGrath

  • No actor can play a villain role if they do not sympathize with him/her, otherwise, the character just becomes a two-dimensional caricature.

-Katie McGrath

  • ‘I was not born as an actress, but I was certainly born dramatic’

-Katie McGrath

  • ‘My mother is amazing, every time I achieve something, she buys me a diamond ring’

-Katie McGrath

  • ‘I do keep getting the bad girl roles, The funny thing is that I do not think I am believable as these aristocratic mean girls, But I do love playing them.

-Katie McGrath

  • ‘I loved every min of working in wardrobe, but I love being an actress so much more. I do not think I was very good in a costume, so it is better that I prefer being an actress’.

-Katie McGrath

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There are much sassier, inspiring quotes that she wrote but above are some examples of it


She was born in Ashford country Wicklow which is in Ireland.

Her mother’s name is Mary McGrath who does a job under a designing company of Irish

Her Father’s name is Paul McGrath who is in the service sector and works regarding computers.

She also has two older brothers one is Rory McGrath who is a production producer and another brother whose name is Sean McGrath who works as an online media manager.


She did her education from Trinity College which is situated in Dublin. her degree is in the course of Russian history.

About Katie McGrath

She has been in the acting industry from the year 2007 to present

Katie has got one tattoo on the back of her body which stands for ‘purity’

Her sun-sign is Capricon and has black colored hair which absolutely suits her.

Katie McGrath loves reading comic books in her past time and is a big/huge fan of fantasy world and sci-fi which is science fiction.

She is an amazing personality

When she was small she thought that being an actress is all about fun and enjoying life so from starting she dreamt of becoming an actress.

In a source, she mentioned that as a kid she had funny hair and was a little strange and had a keen interest in listening to dodgy music. She loves reading books and also wrote two books first is A fighting chance and another is The Mark of Nimueh

She as an actress as an author and as a person is loved and appreciated by the audience out there.

Katie McGrath Movies-

Before becoming an actress she worked in the image magazine because she thought that she should work in the fashion journalism industry soon after working in image magazine she became the wardrobe assistant on the set of Tudors, her mother’s best friend gave her job at Tudors, Ireland. But she told at that time she did not have any knowledge about it.

during her working days at Tudors, someone advised her to try acting. So, she decided and sent her portfolio/photographs to Irish agents, as told earlier when she was a child she always aspires to become an actress and thought that the life of an actress is full of fun and enjoyment. After becoming an actress she told, that she always thought that it was a dream and never thought that the dream can ever become reality but fortunately it became reality and here she is one of the amazing actors.

So she began her career in the year 2007 when she made her debut in acting career by doing a television movie known as ‘damage’ but at that time she did not have any knowledge about acting as she never had formal acting training but yes she performed at school plays that was all she knew and learned about acting.


Made her debut in acting career by acting in Television movie ‘damage’

She did a play at the Dublin theatre festival and starred in the so-called ‘la marea’ play.

She also did a role as tara in a short film known as ‘Pebble’


Cast in Film ‘Eden and Freakdog’

Did a character ‘Morgana pendragon’ in merlin by whom she is best known. She performed an amazing role from the year 2008 to 2012.


Played a character known as princess Margaret which was a movie showcasing the life of Queen Elizabeth, movie naming ‘Elizabeth II the queen’


A biopic movie was made after Edward VII, where she was cast as a lady who was kings, former mistress.


She played a role as Jules daily in a comedy-drama movie known as ‘A princess for Christmas’

Also in the same year 2011, she voices over and acted in a short Irish movie and animated version called through the storm/Trid an Stoirm


She did a lesbian role in the movie ‘dates’ and her character name was kate foster.

She also played a character named as Lucy Westenra in the movie ‘Dracula’ for two years 2013 to 2014


Performed in a music video ‘From Eden’

She also acted in ‘Leading Lady’ as Jodi Rutherford


Performed a role as Zara in ‘Jurrasic World’

She also acted in ‘The Throwaways’ as Gloria Miller


She was cast in a film known as ‘Slasher’ and she did the role of a girl known as Sarah Bennett for the first season as a lead role.

According to the sources, she performed a role as Lena Luthor in a film called ‘Supergirl’ she had a recurring role in season 2 of the series and she also did lead role in the same series for season 3 to 5.


she did a film called ‘Frontier’ where she did a character known as Elizabeth Carruthers

She acted as Elsa in a film called ‘King Arthur- Legend Of The Sword’


She is doing a lead role of Saskia in the film known as ‘Secret Bridesmaid’s Bussiness’

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Katie Mcgrath is an amazing actress and has performed her roles at the best

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