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Liveleak is a website that is situated in London, UK and it deals with sharing videos. it was originated in the year 2006 on 31st October.

The basic aim of Liveleak is that they are interested in the real or raw footage rather than made up one, they are more interested in all the world events be it politics, the war between 2 states and many more.

the shocking fact about Liveleak is that there are no team members, not even office to work, and most shocking is that there is no CEO of the company, it is not like any other average company, but in fact, it is the largest and most famous website that shares videos.


Hewitt of manchester is regarded as the only one public member of the Liveleak company

Liveleak was blackmailed for death threats and the Islamic State also fought again Liveleak.

You have probably heard of Liveleak when it comes to violence or accidents and injuries videos and has also seen a logo of Liveleak on the top left corner.

all the car crashes videos are very famous in the name of Liveleak, all types of mishappenings like conspiracies, plane crashes, car crashes, murders, and the list goes endless and is very popular.

It is similar yet different from YouTube, it focuses more on current events like wars and mishappenings.

they believe in a non-biased approach as they think that everybody has a write to talk.

the closedown of the famous website led to originating or starting a new website called on the same date of closing of which is 31 October 2006.


On the official website of Liveleak, there are many categories people can choose from, they also have a special column of “must watch” category, so that people could easily watch what is trending and surely to be watched.

they also a feature where there is a section called “you say” where people upload videos on political or world issues, the video was more like a vlog.

People or viewers can easily log in to their accounts, there is also a special mode called “safe mode” where people are blocked from watching or previewing unprotected images but there is an option where if you tick that you are above the age of 18 years then the safe mode will be off.

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Liveleak reduced the controversial type of its content by the year 2006.

In a BBC program, there was a broadcast called panorama which was about the young children were being physically harassed, killed all the shocking things that were happening with them which were posted by none other than Liveleak when he(Hayden Hewitt co-founder of Liveleak) was told to discard those footages, he denied clearly saying that he will not remove or discard them as they are today’s reality, what is going around the world and it should be shown to all the people out there.

his main aim is that each and every content should be shown irrespective of the fact that it can offend someone.

In the year 2008, it hosted a film called “fitna” which was related to anti-Quran, but it was shut down because of it, Liveleak was getting death threats.

Hewitt is the only founder or public member that came out being related to Liveleak, rest all chose to remain anonymous.

Liveleak basically shows horrifying content that basic other media channels do not show, as a result, the audience is not aware of the fact that anything so horrifying can happen in today’s world.

This is people’s choice that they want to see such disastrous stuff or not but at least they have an option if they want to see the reality.

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In an interview Hewitt told that slowly death threat was becoming more and more for uploading “Fitna”, and then they also knew his full name, where he lived and all the information about him. so he had to take a decision to shut down the site only for 48 hours, till the time he was preparing that nobody could hurt him and his family. But later they re-uploaded the video, but after that, they had to remove or discard it because of the copyright claims on the video.

an interviewer asked Hewitt why he chose to disclose his identity when the rest of them chose not to. so he replied that the nameless website does not look good.

Hewitt was once been invited by famous Britain’s current affairs program so that he could discuss and tell everybody why he did not ban any horrifying videos to be posted when all other websites and social media sites were against them, and what was Liveleaks policy.

according to him Liveleaks videos not impacted their audience in a wrong way nor has any positive impact but it is the reality that is going on in today’s world.

There was a video where the beheadings of a journalist who was an American was shown and was released by the Islamic state, that video was removed from everywhere and even youtube because it was against the policies, but Liveleak being Liveleak did to removed it and as the people were searching that video in great demand and were only available on Liveleak, it visitors grew rapidly.

Liveleak’s aim is to make its own network area where people from different parts of the world could be able to upload horrifying reality videos.

You can also download a video from Liveleak and that too very quickly no matter it is a small video or large. There is no need for a compulsory internet connection.

You can even download it in a high-quality MP4 format and the best part is that you don’t have to pay any fees.


Youtube is an alternative of Livleak as all the features of youtube are similar to Liveleak, but you cannot find such an extent of horrifying videos or videos related to war, politics and serious world issues.


  1. There is a share button at the bottom of every video
  2. Then copy the link
  3. Now paste the copied URL and paste in the URL section above
  4. Click on the download button
  5. Select a resolution from the given options


If you are facing problem opening Liveleak Website

1 refresh the page

2 if then also it is not opening


3 open up an incognito tab

4 search for a proxy site


5 open up the first website

6 paste the URL of the website you want to open


7 enjoy!


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