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Putlockers is among the famous website on the online platform.

It was first originated in the UK in the year 2011, it was blocked in the UK by UK high court in the year 2016. Putlocker has given rise to block the services provided to block the access, which resulted in disappointment to their fans because they were unable to watch their movies and television series and shows.

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They provide live television where you can watch your favorite tv shows on the go anywhere.

You can watch numerous shows related to entertainment, sports-related shows, news of all over the world. It also provides Hulu streaming where you can buy unlimited offer to access only for $44.99 per month.

It was ranked among 250 most visited websites worldwide in the year 2016 by Alexa Internet.

The famous motion picture association of America (MPAA) listed that Putlockers is a major privacy threat.

A large number of proxy websites are there who use Putlockers names which resulted in a change of domain address a lot of times, as a result, it is not known whether the website is official or not.

The popular series and documentaries are also available on Putlocker.

When they first launched Putlocker within some time they were receiving millions of visitors per day.

Many companies and associations filed a case against Putlocker in many years.

The question that arises is whether Putlocker is safe and secure?

It is recommended to use paid or high-quality VPN (a virtual private network) if you want a secure network, if you are using a free version of it, maybe companies sell your private data.

By enabling VPN it changes your IP address, so if you by mistake open a copyrighted file then nobody will ever know because VPN will protect you.

It is said that many movies, series, shows on Putlocker are illegal. And if you are not connected to VPN and accidentally opens up any link or pop up ads then it is a risk to your device.


  • NordVPN- It is a type of ad blocker that provides a high rate of security, if you are connected to it nobody will ever know, everything will be anonymous.
  • PrivateVPN- it is one of the most affordable VPN, it is highly secure and fast.
  • Cyberghost is a VPN that provides high speed and if you are a beginner then this is for you.
  • ExpressVPN- it is known as one of the fastest VPNs

They are more, it depends on your liking, you can choose any of them.

Putlockers promote unreliable and dangerous content like adult content, fake promises, and illegal content. which everybody should be aware of and avoid at any cost.

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  • www.putlocker.info
  • www.123putlocker.info
  • www.putlockers.com
  • www.putlockers.me
  • www.putlocakers.plus
  • www123putlockers.info

and many more.

How to use a VPN Network?

Open the official site of whichever VPN you want to use

  • Then select a plan
  • Select the payment method
  • Register yourself

All types of VPN companies provide VPN for Mac, Linux, windows, ios, android and many more

And serves in a large network of countries.


Putlocker.rs is the most popular website in the name of Putlocker, it is so confusing that which is the official and legal site is known till date.

Putlocker provides movies and shows in all the major languages of the world majorly English language.

It also has a plus point that it has an option of subtitles. And many movies and shows have an option to select subtitles in a specific language available.

Legal trouble?


A major part of the content on Putlocker is uploaded without permission and is illegal and you might engage in legal proceedings so be extra cautious while using Putlockers.

It has time and again been blocked by the governments of different countries but again appears suddenly again and again.


  • Major Categories are available on Putlocker and it gives you an amazing feature to select among the categories of which genre you want to watch
  • The home page search option gives an option to search your favorite movie that you want to watch, it is super easy.
  • New releases and often placed in top section so that the viewer can know which movie or show is recently released
  • High definition format is also available you just have to have a good internet connection, after which you can enjoy your favorite movie in high definition.
  • Resume option is the best option according to me as you can always continue your movie or show where you left earlier if this option was not available to the viewer then the viewer would have been irritated to recall where they left earlier.
  • Whichever movie or show you can like you can download freely and easily.

It is said that the original website was not dangerous but people tagged it as harmful because of the pop-up ads but now the proxy or mirror websites that use Putlockers names are quite harmful to the device unless you use a VPN or an ad-blocker extension.

If you are not cautious while using Putlocker and end up clicking somewhere illegal and copyrighted, it is said that it has serious consequences and can even lead to the jail of the person.

There are multiple websites to watch your favorite shows and movies but still is you want to use Putlocker then you have to make sure to use highly secure VPN

If you are using VPN then nobody can track you or note your IP address.

They have a variety of genres from which you can select your favorite movies and shows it starts from action, comedy, thrill, horror, animation, science fiction, documentaries, to romantic, etc.

Many people across the world are using Putlocker, people from India, America, Australia, etc are major viewers of Putlocker. 0123putlockers


Putlocker is flagged as harmful because it literally floods with advertisements and you might know any of them might be illegal or copyrighted. So yes it is very harmful.

Time and again it is told to use an Ad-blocker extension or a VPN

There are many websites that allow you to watch your favorite tv shows or movies freely and without any harm on the device.

Many of them are very famous and you might hear about it


  • Popcornflix

Popcornflix has a wide range of movies and tv shows where you can select anything to watch without spending a penny just includes some ads. It has an option of a high definition where you can watch your movie in a better quality setting. It also has all the possible genres where you can select famous movies to watch.

Enjoy your movie

  • Primewire

All the movies available here are in 3 qualities low quality, medium quality, and high-resolution quality

But it has a disadvantage that it has a very outdated design or layout of the website, rest all is fine.

  • shout! factory

It is a website where you can find a wide range of movies, that will make you tired to choose from. It is a very famous website to watch movies online without spending any money.

  • IMBD

Is a website where you not only have large varieties of movies but their own original production shows, if you have a firestick you can watch it with no fear of harm and without spending as it is owned by amazon so it is secure and provides you with movies, shows, interviews to choose from.

  • Solarmovie

It is a very renowned website for watching movies online without spending any money. It is known for its layout and an amazing selection and wide range of movies. You can even see which movie is liked by people which movie is trending, their ratings and many more. You can even segregate movies according to the countries they are made in, through which it enables you to see the cinema culture of different countries.

you can watch free movies on einthusan

There is an endless website where you can watch free online high-quality movies.


Putlocker is a good website to spend your time but only if you have a VPN network if you do not have tried any other website mentioned above.

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