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what is Tamilyogi

Tamilyogi, We are in times where we people do not have much time or even money to endlessly spend on entertainment , for this problem there is a trend nowadays that people are downloading movies, tv shows, series etc on there mobile or laptop and whenever they get time they can simply watch it on there device.

Because of this reason everybody nowadays search on google “how to download latest movies”.

So, coming to the topic we should discuss, there is a website that gives complete justice to the problem and allows user to download or even watch online movies, tv shows, series etc on there device. The website is called Tamilyogi.

Tamilyogi is a pirated website that offers you to watch and download all pirated movies.

You can watch your favorite tv shows, movies and even web series, from old to new to trending you can find almost everything on Tamilyogi.

“Tamilyogi can be your ultimate stop for entertainment.”

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Tamilyogi Tamil movies download

Nowadays it is a trend of watching movies and web series sitting anywhere be it your home, sitting in cabs for a long time, malls, night stays, etc. you just need your mobile phone or laptop.

If we talk about India, we know that movie release in India on Friday and the amazing thing is that a few hours after the release you can watch the latest movie on Tamilyogi.

Due to its popularity, in just a small period of time Tamilyogi has become the go-to website for watching and downloading movies and has left behind famous websites like movierulz, Tamilgun, and of course Tamilrockers.

It is said that Tamilyogi was designed using WordPress in the year 2016, this year it will complete 4 years and hats off in such a short span of time it has gained huge popularity in the market and offers more than 10 thousand movies on its website, so what are you waiting for?

Tamilyogi was started as a small website for watching and downloading but in almost 4 years it has given high competition to biggest websites like Tamilrockers, movierulz, khatrimaza, etc for Tamil, Telugu movies.

We can say that Tamilyogi Pro is a version of Tamilyogi but the difference is that it only provides Tamil movies to date, So now you can watch Tamil movies, tv shows, web series, etc in HD quality.

Tamilyogi Homepage



  • Tamilyogi provides an amazing way so that you can check the movie print even before downloading it, they provide a screenshot of the print quality they are providing, isn’t it amazing?
  • It also provides dubbed movies that offer in language Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, and of course Telugu.
  • There are no irritating pop-up ads that we all must have seen somewhere and waited when will it be over.
  • It provides each and every movie in HD quality.
  • Feature of Tamilyogi pro is that it has a mobile-friendly user interface and you can easily download or even watch Tamil movies on your mobile phone if you do not own a laptop/ PC.
  • It’s quality formats starts from 320p and goes till 1080p HD.

Languages Tamilyogi offers

Tamilyogi offers a wide range of movies, tv shows, etc in almost all Indian languages so that if you live in north south east west you all can enjoy movies surfing a single website.

It offers a huge list of languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and not to forget English and that too every movie in HD quality.

If I sum up then it offers in Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, and Kollywood.

Should you download it?

Nowadays we cannot stop the new trend of movie piracy it has become so common, but not at all good for the entertainment industry and now it cannot be stopped because it has crossed its limits. Websites like Tamilyogi encourage.

here is the list that provides pirated movies

  • Tamilyogi
  • Tamilrockerz
  • Tamilgun
  • 9xmovies
  • movierulz

and many more

How to download

  1. Search for tamilyogi.vip
  2. Once the home page is opened, search for your favorite movie or a movie you want to watch
  3. Choose from the given formats like 360p, 480p,720p,1080p HD etc
  4. Then a link will be shown
  5. Click on it and it will start downloading

Story of Tamilyogi Isaimini

You all have wondered what is Tamilyogi Isaimini, It has gained a lot of popularity and has got a new name the difference is just in Tamilyogi pro you can only download Tamil movies whereas in Tamilyogi Isaimini you can download in other languages like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, and of course English.

Recently leaked movies

The main focus these types of websites have is as soon as the movie releases they make there target to upload the same movie on their website mostly on the same day.

So, in 2020 all the movies whether it is Tamil, Telugu, Hindi or Malayalam that have released is on their website.

Movies like oh my kadavule, dagaalty, Kabir Singh, jawani janeman and many more.

Latest Tamilyogi links list 2020

  • Tamilyogi vip
  • Tamilyogi pro
  • Tamilyogi eu
  • Tamilyogi me
  • Tamilyogi ccv
  • Tamilyogi cf
  • Tamilyogi in
  • Tamilyogi us
  • Tamilyogi fu
  • Tamilyogi fm
  • Tamilyogi com

Mentioned links are active links either it will open directly or it will redirect to its main domain page.

Popularity in India

The main reason according to me that Tamilyogi is so popular in India is that first, it has movies, tv shows, and web series that are in Indian languages so Indians are more interested in seeing them like Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, etc.

And the second reason is that in India people have a soft corner for free stuff as we all know so, they will surely choose something that does not include money and Tamilyogi knows that so it is a plus point for Tamilyogi that it knows what its audience wants and it is giving exactly that, this is why Tamilyogi is so popular in India.

Why is it so famous

Tamilyogi has made its name in the industry and is giving a high competition to all the popular piracy websites but it always comes in top positions and is the most famous out of all because of its features and because it always provides all the movies in HD quality so that people could enjoy in a great print just like theatres but without spending even a penny which is a great way to attract the viewers.

Here you will get all the latest movies most of them you will get on the same release day that’s another point to which people in India get attracted to.

Even it is banned in India people make a way to download and watch all the latest movies of there choice because people in India do not like to spend their money and choose the illegal way and try to make things work without spending their money which is not good if we see a broader picture regarding our country.

Latest updates

If we talk about Tamilyogi then they do not leave a second in updating their websites and upload the latest of all movies and time and again they change their domain name so that they do not get caught so there is no specific link to there website because it changes time and again.

Is it illegal?

As we all know the Indian government has banned piracy of Indian movies because of it such a shameful act and because that people do not go to theatres and watch movies and prefer sitting at home and watching it, but people do not realize that because of this Indian cinema suffers from losses. The government of India has also made an act over this called “Anti-piracy act” which ensures that people who are committing this crime shall be punished. As we have not heard (at least I have not heard) any such case where a person has been punished for committing piracy, so hence it is proved that the government of India is not taking this act seriously.

Websites like these change their domain name regularly so that there are no chances of them to be caught by cybercrime teams.

Tamilyogi has been banned from India because it is an illegal website that offers pirated movies to watch in HD quality and in different languages.

It is not at all safe to download movies on your device because you never know how could it harm your device unknowingly. so you should always watch of legalized websites mentioned below.


Because of sites like Tamilyogi that promote and provide pirated movies for free and that too in HD quality is the main reason why film industry get losses and according to the study film industry bears around 2000 crores approximately in a year.

That is why Producers bears a lot of loss and there is difficulty in earning big numbers

Earlier when sites like these did not exist, latest movies would come on television after approximately 2 months and if people haven’t seen movie in theatres they had to wait 2 months post releasing, but after the launch of websites like these, it is so simple to watch the latest movie on the same day of release by simply downloading in your mobile or laptops sitting anywhere, watching anywhere anytime.

You have probably seen in theatres that actors come and say that we should stop piracy in our country and tell that the producers face a lot of loss due to piracy and how we should promote #stoppiracy in India.

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How to download or watch movies legally

There are a lot of websites that provide movies to watch and download and that is legal, so people should choose websites that are legal and provides you with movies to watch for free, it’s just that you will not get to watch them the day of release but how does it matter, if you do not want to spend your money in theatres then you can wait for some days or you can simply watch latest movies on websites like amazon prime or Netflix.


there are a lot of alternatives out there in the market but some of them are just like Tamilyogi, some are free but not like Tamilyogi and some are paid where you just have to pay a subscription fee and then enjoy without worrying about anything.

  • Sites like Tamilyogi










and many more

  • You can even download movies from




Pluto Tv

  • You can even pay a subscription fee on

Hotstar, Amazon prime is great to watch movies and tv series whereas Netflix is the best according to me If you want to watch amazing Tv series and movies to make your mind chill and entertain yourself.

Tamilyogi unblock

If you have to unblock a pirated website then you have to use a VPN for it

If you cannot open Tamilyogi link

If you cannot open Tamilyogi link then

  1. Open an incognito tab
  2. Search for a proxy site
  3. Click on the first link
  4. Paste Tamilyogi link that you want to open
  5. Enjoy!


If you want to know what is my opinion regarding it, then, in my opinion, go for websites that are legal and have some authority, because while enjoying your movie you should not worry about whether the illegal website that you are using will harm your device in future or not Go for either free but legal website or Paid version where you just have to pay a subscription fee for some time and you can enjoy and watch as many movies, tv shows, and series as you want.

If you liked it then share with your family and friends because who does not like to watch or download movies for free and that too in HD quality.


We here do not support any kind of piracy and do not urge you to do the same.

Share it with your friends and decide on which website you want to watch your favorite movies, tv-series, etc and do comment and tell me according to you which website is the best.

happy watching! 🙂

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