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Thoptv is a company providing you all the information you will ever need. The platform has endless options and is has the widest collection of Tv channels, Movies, Series, and sports. Thoptv is the only app available to stream movies across all devices including a smart tv, Firestick, Android, Ios and windows, Mac pc.

In this guide, we will brief you with every feature of thoptv and also provide you the latest links to download thop tv from the official website. So read the full article to have the best of thoptv.

Thoptv features

  • 500+ channels- Thoptv has the most number of tv channels on a single platform. You can access almost every channel from international to regional. Thop tv has almost ever language channels from Telugu, Tamil Marathi to Punjabi.
  • HD quality- Thoptv offers Hd quality movies, series, channels at no cost. If your internet doesn’t support you can also watch on lower quality.
  • Subtitles- If you face a problem in watching international content you can opt for subtitles that run at almost the same time without any delay.
  • EasyUI – The user interface is a big thing for an app to grow thop tv has everything in front so anyone can access it from a toddler to seniors.
  • Casting- Its always good to watch content on a big screen, If you have a smart display like a projector, smart tv, etc. Then you can just cast the content directly from your mobile.

Thoptv offering

1. Live sports

Watching Live Cricket is one of the best features which thoptv just introduced. You can watch live IPL and other cricket matches and Premier League without any cost directly live on the thoptv app. The app should be in the latest version to access this feature and as this feature is new it has some errors sometimes the app may crash while watching the match but you don’t have to very you can relaunch the app and access the match again. The best part is the match is live and give scores without any delay.

To access Live Sports you can just open the thoptv app from the device you want to watch on and you will see live cricket option. When you click on that option you can see almost every sports channel which is live right now. You can access International channels to watch the live match and you can also access Hindi matches with Hindi commentary.

2. Stream movies

Thoptv upload movies both official and pirated movies on their platform. The speed to upload the movie is incomparable to any other platform. The best part to watch movies on thop tv is you don’t have to download the movies to watch. You can just play the movies in different formats just like you are playing it o Netflix or other streaming platforms. There are multiple options for movie channels available on thop tv. You can just search on top of thop tv or surf every channel to find a movie you are looking for.

3. Live tv

No matter what device, what time, and what channel you can just enjoy live tv on thop tv as you are watching it on regular tv. You just need a device an active internet connection and the latest thop tv app and you are ready to go. ( You can join our telegram channel to always get the latest update about thoptv and other related apps)

How to access live tv and find your favorite channel on thoptv?

  • You can just search the channel on the top search bar and click to watch.
  • Thop tv has various channels just like a set-top box at your home.
  • You have to select a channel like you can select Indian channel if you want to see Indian content or you can select a global channel of you are looking for global shows.

Thoptv live tv channel names

  • Tulip
  • Daisy
  • Iris
  • Xyris
  • luminous

These are best livetv channels which works most of the times. Movie download tricks.

4. Series

You can watch the latest and best web series online without ads and without downloading. The series gets uploaded almost instantly after releasing and you can also watch older web series if you are interested. The formats available are HD, 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p.

Like any other thop tv services there are some channels to watch the series. There are also some channels dedicated to each OTT platform like Netflix, zee5, etc.

Some best channels to watch series on thop tv

  • Tv shows
  • you series
  • zephy
  • velvet
  • snowflake

These are best series channels which has best of the series.

5. Radio

Most modern phones don’t have a radio in it and laptops didn’t even come with a feature like the radio. Thoptv radio services are one of the best radio which connects through the internet and not a regular antenna. Thoptv has almost 5000+ channels on the radio section.

Just open the thop tv app and scroll down to the radio section. When you open the radio you will see a wide range of channels for radio including international and regional channels. The channels on thoptv are available for almost every language in the world.

Thoptv apk supported devices

Thoptv is one of the most flexible platforms available online it is even more flexible than most of the brands or companies. You can access almost all devices available at your home whether it is a Fire TV stick, a smart TV, Android or iOS and Windows, and Macbooks thop tv can be accessed by anyone anywhere.

Android devices

The easiest way to use thop tv is to download an APK on your Android mobile and click on install. This is very important to download the latest version of the APK available from the official source of thoptv you have to be very careful while downloading the APK as many scammers give a bug in the app that may cause damage to your device you should always focus on downloading the app from the official store. If you want we always update the latest app on a telegram channel you can go and join that.

Windows devices

If you want to Access thoptv on your Windows computer or laptop you can download the zip file for the windows you are running the format available are 32 bit and 64 bit for almost all Windows from Windows XP to Windows 10. It is important to always keep your App updated with the exact bit your Windows is running on. After downloading you can run the files on your PC and install the application and just make sure that you always access thop tv from that app only. It is very important to download files from the official sources as there are are many scammer and website of offering files with Trojan and phishing viruses.

Mac devices

You can access thoptv on your Mac devices easily you just have to go to the official website and download zip files according to your Mac version. After downloading you have to allow your Mac to install the app from thoptv sources. After installing you can directly update the software itself from the app. If you are downloading the files from other sources then you must scan the app before installing it in your Mac devices as it may cause Your Mac to crash and that will cost a hefty amount to recover you can access the official thoptv website through our telegram channel.

Smart Tv

The best thing to run thoptv is your television if you have a smart television it is very easy to install the app and run the thoptv app on your Smart TV. Running the app on your Smart TV will give you access to live TV, movies series, and sports direct at your television without the problem of downloading transferring, and accessing the movies you can watch the video below to install the app from your Android device to your TV directly.

Fire Tv stick

You can make most of your fire TV stick by installing the thoptv app in fire TV stick. It will give you access to live TV 24/7 which means you don’t need any subscription to run your TV you just need an Internet connection and that’s it.

Now installing thoptv on your fire TV stick is not an easy task first you have to download an APK in your Android device then you can transfer that app to your fire TV stick and install directly. Don’t worry you don’t have to do it with every update of thoptv as you can update the app directly from fire TV stick if you want the easiest way we have given a video tutorial below.

check on youtube

Thoptv apk download

Thoptv apk is a most demanding app but sadly it is not available on the play store. You can still download the app through official thoptv websites but this becomes a problem for a user and an opportunity for scammers and hackers. In this case best a user can do is to download thoptv apk from the official store. If you are someone who faces issues in finding the official thoptv apk than you can join our telegram channel and we will send original links of thoptv official site in our group.

Thop tv premium

Thoptv has announced thoptv premium which seems to be a very good feature. The price is also very very affordable 1 rs per day for 5 devices. The make a mouth-watering deal. If you are a regular viewer then you can definitely try premium. But we think trying thop tv premium at this cost it is not a bad idea as it saves a lot of subscription cost.

Thoptv premium features

  • Ad free experience
  • Downloading video
  • 5 devices access

Thoptv Faq

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