What is tinypic?

Tinypic is a website through which you can share or send photos and videos.

Photobucket.com is the sister company and operates Tinypic,

It has various features, for example, people can share, link and even one can upload images and videos through Tinypic.

there are a lot of websites and mediums through which you can share photos and videos to your family and friends sitting in another corner of the world because of technology but there is just one disadvantage that you have to pay an amount for using these feature, but by launching of Tinypic it has removed that single disadvantage and you can now share your pictures and videos without spending a single penny from your pocket.

Tinypic has been shut down on 16th September 2019 because they were providing a high quality of free services and were generating their revenue from that only but it was decreasing so they took a decision to shut down it and shift to its sister company Photobucket.com

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