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Todaypk movies

Todaypk is a website that offers its viewers to watch pirated movies for free, you can watch your favorite movie online or even can download the latest movies without spending a penny.

Nowadays where people are so busy and do not have time to go and watch movies in theatres and also spending money

It can be Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tollywood and gives you a wide range of list from where you can choose from.

It provides all its movies in HD quality

Check the website here


Todaypk ag 2020

The site was banned in 2019 by the supreme court, but now it is upgraded in the year 2020. It has made its comeback stronger than before and now you will see that the website is more efficient and smooth to use, they made it more people-oriented as earlier it was somehow difficult to find your favorite movie but now they have added new movies from different languages and also added Punjabi movies, so now you can enjoy in your favorite Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil, Telegu and all other languages.

How does its website work?

websites Todaypk encourages Piracy and illegal stuff around the globe, as we all know that these types of people who make such websites earn a lot of million dollars but it is not at all good as producers who spend a large amount of money and time and invest in a good movie or a tv show and all the energy is wasted as people enjoy movie sitting in their homes and watch it for free rather than spending money and watching a movie in the theatre,

but we do not see that we only encourage such people to do piracy because we are demanding that if we stop demanding then their work will be stopped. Google does not encourage such type of work that is why people doing piracy do not earn from google Adsense.

How to download movies

If you are downloading movies from the website then you need to use VPN. for that, but if you are directly downloading in your mobile phone from there application then you do not need VPN for that.

Now they do not have pop-up ads so you can download movie hassle-free than before.

You can even watch movies on your smart Tv, tablet and many more devices only on one click.

Check the website here


1- Use a VPN

2- Open Website URL

3- Search for your favorite movie that you want to watch

4- Click on download

5- Enjoy!

latest links of Todaypk

  • Todaypk .ht
  • Todaypk .life
  • Todaypk .tube
  • Todaypk .org

and many more.


Formats Available

First of all, almost all the movies, tv shows, etc are available in HD quality.

Otherwise, it is available in 720p, 1080p etc.

Is it Legal?

It is not legal as they provide copyrighted, pirated movies online and it should be stopped immediately because it is not right and due to piracy, producers and all the cast and crew who spend there time and money on a money gets wasted because they do not earn profits as everybody thinks that they should watch new movies on there phone or laptop for free rather than spending money and going to theatres for watching it.

It’s take on Bollywood, Hollywood, and Tollywood

Todaypk Telugu movies

As we all know that Bollywood is known for its romance, Hollywood for its realistic drama and Tollywood for its action and all this can be fulfilled through Todaypk and the best part is that people who like watching south Indian movies but cannot understand their language can also watch because they offer Hindi dubbed south movies, that too without any license or VPN, isn’t it amazing?

Latest leaked movies

As soon as a movie is released you will see updated on Todaypk’s website which should not be encouraged and people should boycott these websites but nowadays people are addicted to these websites.

Latest movies that are uploaded on their website are:

  • Street dancer 3D
  • Commando 3
  • Dabanng 3
  • Shubh mangal zyada savdhaan
  • Bala
  • Good news

and many more

Todaypk APK

Todaypk APK is available for both android and ios devices. You can not download the app directly from the store, but you can download it from Google Chrome. For your convenience, we will give a download button below. Todaypk app features all the latest movies in the dubbed format.

You can just open an app from your device and start enjoying unlimited ad-free streaming of movies and tv shows. You can get all Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood movies under one roof.

Pro Tip- there are a lot of fake or copy applications that claim to provide similar features. We suggest you to only download genuine application for your privacy protection.

We will give the download button below and download will start automatically after 30 seconds

How can you watch movies in a legal way

There are numerous options nowadays in the market that offers movies and tv shows in a legal way.

some of them offer to watch and download for free without paying anything whereas some of them expect you to pay a certain subscription fee.

Some of the mediums are-



Amazon Prime




and many more

Start watching and downloading movies in a legalized manner because that is the right option. A fun fact that if you go for legalized options mentioned above by paying a certain subscription fee, they offer you there owns web series, for example, YouTube web series, Netflix Web series, Prime web series and many more that are only available to people who apply for it.

How can Todaypk be unblocked

First of all, try it in an incognito tab

even if it is not opening

1- copy the URL you want to open

2- Go to google and type “proxy site”

3- open the first link

4- paste the URL you want to open



In our country, India Piracy is a ban and there are legal actions that are taken if somebody attempts piracy then a fine will be imposed RS.50,000- RS.2 lakh and can be put behind the bars in the jail according to the sources.



Netflix is considered as one of the best alternatives to such websites because they provide genuine movies and tv shows from all over the world and that too in a legal way, you just have to pay a nominal amount of subscription fee and then enjoy the streaming of latest movies tv shows and there own Netflix web series. Nowadays you have probably heard of the phrase “Netflix and chill” common among teenagers and young adults where they prefer to watch Netflix shows and movies rather than going out of there home, this is only because of the high rated content they provide to every Netflix subscriber.


YouTube is an on a growing platform where lots of new people daily be a part of youtube community and makes a channel and uploads lot of content from where you can entertain yourself in new other ways and people also upload movies on youtube whereas youtube has now started to make youtube series that only people who are a part of youtube can enjoy it.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is one of the best platforms where you can watch latest movies and tv series in a lot of languages, they also provide you with amazon prime series, you just have to pay a subscription fee and then enjoy unlimited streaming of latest and old movies and tv shows anytime anywhere.


Tamilyogi is one of the very famous websites that offer pirated movies in a very amazing HD quality, just on the day of release or after that they upload the latest movie without paying any subscription fee, and the best part is that it is pop-up ad-free streaming. It offers movies in Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and many more.


Bolly4u is also an amazing website that offers you to enjoy free streaming of websites and provides Bollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood movies without paying a single penny.


Hotstar is a website that provides a wide range of movies and tv shows, but it also expects you to pay a subscription amount to watch premium content. Pay and watch Hd quality streaming of movies.


Einthusan is a website that offers you all the movies, tv shows and documentaries in mostly south Asian languages and Chinese also. It offers its content in HD quality and all the south region people are a fan of this website.


You can select your favorite movie by just searching it on putlockers and you will definitely get it, it also gives you a feature where you can select among catef=gories related to movies. So, watch the latest movies in HD quality hassle-free with just a good internet connection.


It is also an amazing website known for its uploading of good movies.


Its application is also available where you can simply download or watch a movie without any hassle, You can even request a movie that you cannot find anywhere and they will surely respond to you by uploading your favorite movie on their website.

and many more


The above article is to only tell you about the website and how they perform illegal activities and because of them how many people go through big losses.

According to me, the government should be highly strict regarding piracy or copyrighted law because tons of people how invest there time and money for making movies and tv shows from big directors and producers to spot boys and cameras man and many other indulge in making it but everything goes down when people put there content on there medium that too for free and without taking permission and mostly on the same day as they release.

This practice is most common in India as we the people demand free movies online so that we can enjoy ourselves with our family and friends while sitting in our house and without spending any money.

That is exactly what we want and what we get because where there is demand there is supply.

If we people do not demand it and do not watch it then their businesses of piracy will get shut down and there will be no illegal activity in our country.

Many Bollywood actors, directors have come forward to raise this issue of #stoppiracy and it should be stopped immediately.


Check the website here

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