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Yesmovies is a website that was originated on 31st January 2016. It is said that the owner of Movieflix is the owner of Yesmovies, and after the shut down of movieflix he came up with Yesmovies.


Yesmovies is a website where you can come across tons of varieties of movies in many languages, a large list of tv shows and a lot of documentaries available to watch when you are bored and want to entertain yourself and the best part of Yesmovies is that it is absolutely free of cost that means you now have a solution of your boredom that too without spending a penny. you can download it to watch it later or can even watch online.

It provides you movies and tv shows in different languages from American/Hollywood movies and tv shows to Indian, Chinese, Spanish, French, Asian and whatnot.

Yesmovies has a lot of websites, for example, , , and many more.


Genres on the Yesmovies website

comedy, romantic, horror, thriller, sci-fi, criminal, animated and many more so it means that whatever your mood is demanding you can simply select a particular genre and search for amazing movies and tv shows.


Features provided

  • It is not compulsory to register on Yesmovies
  • You can subscribe to them so that you never miss an update regarding new updates of movies, tv shows and much more.
  • Yesmovies also provides an application that you can download from the play store or app store for free.
  • They provide good quality movies so you do not have to worry about the print or the quality.
  • It has a feature from which you can simply download your favorite movie or tv shows on your mobile or your pc.
  • If you are searching for a particular movie or a tv show and could not find it anywhere then you can request Yesmovies and there is a chance that they could update their website with your favorite movie.
  • yes movies have become very popular because of the feature that you do not have to pay anything and can watch unlimited movies and tv shows that too in great quality.

Is it safe or not?

this is the only question that arises in the minds of people when about to use yes movies is that whether it is safe to use or not despite all the advantages and features they are providing there is also risk attached to it that I will mention it below

according to me, one should not engage in a website that has risk attached to it if you are coming on a website for entertainment purpose then you should enjoy the experience and not worry whether it could harm your computer or any device.

Disadvantages of accessing Yesmovies

So some disadvantages of using yesmovies are-

  • cam rips are available on yes movies, for those who do not know what is cam rips, it is a video that is illegally recorded by phone while sitting and recording a movie in theatres. so, if the viewer is caught, it will lead to serious consequences.
  • It was also related to pornography in the past which is also not good
  • It is giving all the features that too without charging anything, but sites like these sell your information to earn money that they are not earning from you, so never share your personal information with a site like these who do not have an authority.
  • The producers who want to earn by making movies and tv shows, sites like these reduce their earnings as they post movies on their website without taking any permission through illegal means so, people like us should not use such websites and does not give them a chance to earn through illegal means.
  • Some people have a doubt in mind that while using Yesmovies is there any threat to their device and the answer is yes, websites like these can use your data from your device or even your device can have harmful viruses, so there are two options. first, do not use or opt-in for such websites, second is if you want to access it then opt for a very good anti-virus to protect your device.
  • One more disadvantage attached to it is that then advertisements will haunt you again and again and you will be very disturbed while watching a movie as it will again interrupt by advertisements.
  • So if you do not like advertisements and according to you they kill the mood then either do not watch movies on Yesmovies or opt for a good ad-blocker or you can even add chrome extensions also.


coming up to reviews

some of them are saying that it is not at all a good website and some people are saying that they are enjoying watching or accessing yesmovies.

so there is a mixed response and no judgment can be taken out.

Sites like Yesmovies

If you clicked on my article with the intention of accessing Yesmovies and whether it is good or not and after reading the truth you were disappointed then don’t worry for you I have noted down some of the alternatives free and paid both that you can access without having any trouble.

  • Putlockers-

It is one of the famous and good websites I have heard of, if you do not like other websites then according to me you should give a try. there are no such disadvantages regarding putlockers you can enjoy streaming your favorite movie. it gives you a lot of features like giving you a sort button where every movie is categorized by alphabets and genres, ratings according to IMBD and many more.

If you want a detailed article on the features of putlockers then click.

  • PrimeWire-

Primewire is a website that is very famous in its industry of giving quality movies and tv shows that too in a wide range without spending any money from your pocket, and the best part is that you do not have to give any of your details. If you always wonder why there is no option of creating your own playlist in these types of websites then Primewire is for you as it gives you a feature of creating your own playlist and adding your own tv shows and movies. It gives all features that paid websites give you just like giving details about the movie, for example, the star cast, launch date, ratings, and all other information. If you read all the feedbacks you will notice that many of the reviews are in favor of Primewire.

  • 123Movies-

123 movies is a very famous website for watching online streaming of movies and tv shows and you can even download from it.

It has a lot of new features and it also shows which film is trending and liked by the people you can sort or search a film by the year of launch, genre, alphabets, etc so you can easily find your favorite movie and watch it. Its the interface is very simple and a beginner can easily operate it and watch his/her favorite show or movie.

  • Einthusan-

Einthusan is a website that provides a wide range of movies but only in South Asian languages, for example, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Chinese and many more, but here you can find a wide range of movies. It also has a free version as well as a premium version so you can decide which one suits you.

click if you want to read about einthusan

  • FMovies-

Fmovies is one of the famous downloading websites that has been on the top list for a very long time. here you can find very old tv-series and movies also which are very famous. It has movies in HD quality so you can enjoy it in a very good view, the best part of FMovies is that there are no advertisements that usually disrupts the mood of the viewer and you don’t have to register to its website also, so no need spending extra time in registering just come and watch your favorite movie and tv show.


In my opinion, you can choose any online website that allows you to watch movies and tv shows only and provides a wide range of shows and movies. Some of the features are very important that should be kept in mind which choosing a website to watch.

If you are not able to open Yesmovies

  • Copy the link you want to open
  • Go to google chrome and open a incognito tab
  • Write proxy site
  • Paste the link you copied earlier
  • Click on the first website
  • Enjoy!

Happy watching! and do tell in the comment section that which website you chose.

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