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Hero forge

Hero Forge is a company that provides products that are unique in nature. They sell customizable tabletop miniatures as per your liking. It is a service company that makes miniatures for you and deliver just at your doorstep! How amazing it is.

They are in fact one of the best miniatures making companies that turn your imagination into reality just like you want.

They make miniatures with 3D- Printing. The idea behind this is you can choose your favorite character from the video game and customize everything as per your wish.

hero forge

You want different race character hero forge will do it for you. Different gender? Done, Different facial expressions? Hero forge can do it. Change of weapons, hairstyle according to you, poses whatever you like, change of equipment, the material you want and of course size of the miniature you want, This is exactly what hero forge does.

This is a Santa Monica based company that deals with basically tabletop miniatures just as you want.

But it is on a bit costly side as they make miniatures of 28 mm (millimeter) for $20. That not everybody can afford.

hero forge
This is how the official website looks like

Some of the difficulties or so-called challenges they faced were that they were/are unable to make a detailed version of the miniatures from strong durable material and vice-versa, if the material is solid then the miniature is not a that detailed version of it.

The best thing about them is that they offer numerous options and tend to increase them on a high scale with the increasing technology.

I tend to make the use of technology, material, cost, design altogether in the best and improvised manner.

hero forge

And they want to decrease these difficulties day by day and adopt new 3D Printing web UI technology.


They are looking for huge funding so that they can move forward with there startup and make huge changes in all the aspects of their product.

Basic goal or the ultimate goal for them is to make so many different choices for there product that is a person comes again to them, they have numerous choices that they do not look at the same choices they made earlier, for a company this thinking is a great step towards success.

A company that takes care of customers need and choices are the ones who succeed in the long run.

They have an amazing yet talented team that focuses on making millions and millions of designs to choose from.

They want their product to be highly unique every time it is customized. They make interesting options and a wide range of distinctive features.

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Hero forges aims to make your journey smooth as well as tiring!

Smooth because you have millions of options to choose from and tiring because of the same reason, funny.

They want people to have different yet poses, clothes, weapons, characters, facial expressions, etc.  

hero forge

They want that if they get huge funding they will try to add your own voice in the tabletop miniatures.

Their basic goal is to put life in miniatures and give an extraordinary experience to their clients.

They mentioned on their website that with new technologies coming up it is easier to increase and decrease the size of miniatures and a brilliant feature is that it can be saved and edited in the near future.

Tabletop miniatures look so cool if it is customizable then it looks cooler.

This is perfect as a present is you want to gift someone, be it family members or friends. This time of gift will be liked by everyone as it is of custom choice and not random.

They told on their official website that they will expand their product dimensions by adding 5 more races like

half-orc, a dwarf, an elf, halfling, and of course humans, but now they have a huge list of variety like

Options Available in-hero forge

  • human
  • dwarf
  • half-demon
  • anthro-feline
  • anthro-canine
  • turtle person
  • faun
  • elephant folk
  • lizard person
  • random
  • elemental
  • half- dragon
  • half-elf
  • half-orc
  • ghome
  • elf
  • halfing
  • ratfolk
  • forest gaund
  • raven folk
  • minotaur
  • robot
  • fairytale goblin
  • aquatic humanoid
  • merfolk
  • zombie
  • skeleton
  • half gaint
  • goblinoid
  • rabbit folk
hero forge

And will add a lot of new features. That is so exciting that we could customize such a type of miniature.

But if you want that they could include more features, help them so that if they get a good amount of funding then it will help them to reach that position faster.

They could also include science fiction and superheroes in the coming years.

hero forge

You know what is like about hero forge is that at every point of time they are thinking about their customers and how to increase options for them so they thought that with the funding amount first, they will increase their production process and with the remaining price they will put in the development process of web UI. Such a great thought!

People will make their fantasy world alive through this.

Their website is so comfortable to use and has numerous options and is very comfortable to use and is customer-oriented.

hero forge

Hero forge has a new feature of 3D that enables the graphics and quality of videogames to you.

And you know what there is an amazing feature that allows you to make a miniature of your choice and you do not have to pay just take a screenshot of it and save till you ready to make miniature of it and you can edit it at any given point. Isn’t it great news?

The material used by hero forge

They are about to launch two new materials for miniatures

One is of low cost and is affordable but with advantages comes disadvantages like it will be a rough service and will not be perfectly detailed and cannot be painted in different colors, it will be made from plastic which will be solid in nature and second material is super detailed version of it, high-quality plastic will be used.

Get ready for the launch!

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What are you waiting for book a tabletop miniature now and I know it will be tiring but choose the best design among millions of it.

Share this article with your family and friends because sharing is caring! and gift them something unique this time.

Order your tabletop miniature now at your doorstep.

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